Is an easy-to-use application directed to manage taxonomical and distributional data. With this software it is possible to build distributional predictions following criteria based in rejecting the use of pseudo or background absences, and careful attention in the selection of explanatory variables.


Is an easy-to-use open-source graphical interface working in the R, environment which incorporates several applications. KnowBR is one of these applications aimed at estimating the completeness of biodiversity inventories at different resolutions, geographic scales and using any type of spatial units.


Is a simple application that allows obtaining the average monthly temperature and precipitation data of any set of locations in the Iberian Peninsula, for all months between 1951 and 2007. The search can be done including the name of municipalities as well as UTM cells and geographic coordinates. If the month and year of each collection is provided, precipitation and temperature values (average, maximum, minimum) for each locality in the selected month and year will be obtained.